International Journal of Chemical Science

E-ISSN: 2523-2843
P-ISSN: 2523-6075

Vol. 3, Issue 4 (2019)

Utilization of activated bentonite to reduce nitrogen on palm oil mill

Author(s): Muhammad Naswir, Susila Arita, Desfournatalia, Widi Hartati, Lusi Septiarini, Yudha Gusti Wibowo
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to look at the ability of activated bentonites to absorb nitrogen derived from palm oil mill wastewater. Sampling of bentonite was obtained from the Sungai Rengas in Jambi Province, Indonesia. Bentonite was smoothed and activated using a 1.6 M HCl solution. Measurement of nitrogen content using UV-vis instruments. The results showed that the activated bentonite had the ability that was relatively similar in its ability to absorb nitrogen elements, with a mass of 1 gram and contact time of 90 minutes when the bentonite was pressed against an element of nitrogen from the wastewater treatment plant at 81.5%.
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